Sometimes getting old is good, but more than likely it isn’t. The worst part about getting old is forgetting. Like I forgot I had this blog…lol You would think someone would remind me to post something exciting or something insightful that is happening in my life! No one did…so here is a quick snapshot of the last four months.

Lots of running for mother (90), mother-in-law (91)  and father-in-law(93), too much sometimes, and tends to become overwhelming.

Took a “color tour” through New England, eating our way south,…side trips to Bar Harbor, LLBean, Hershey’s, Charlotte Motor Speedway, De’s place,  Lindsey’s place and lots of campgrounds.  Wonderful trip, but we decided we needed a little bigger RV for long trips like that. Purchased a new stove, a new refrigerator/freezer (on the bottom). Put up Christmas lights outside (when it was warm), tree and stockings up in anticipation of kids coming home for Christmas! Yeah!

Took Pokey to the vet for her 1 year check up…Dr. Cheryl could not believe what great shape Pokey is in for almost 15 years old. I think it is all the naps…we all feel better after a good nap!

Did I tell you I am loving retirement?


Lindsey and Ann Marie at end of race!

Trip to Chicago or should I say getting my legs back in walking form! I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago to watch one of my own run a half marathon. It was fun, with lots of great restaurants to try, taking a river cruise to tour the city and lots of walking! The eating I am great at, the cruise on the river and out in to Lake Michigan was extremely fun…the walking…well hummmmm, not enough words to describe that. Let’s just say every night I needed ice for the knees, I needed to put legs  up and I definitely needed to re-energize. 🙂

I also found as the days went on, the more I walked the easier it became. Since returning from this trip I have tried to keep walking…not as easy though with painful knees…I need to find the “happy” compromise!

Bob and I ...Cloud Gate ("The Bean")

If you look closely in the picture you can see our reflection! This is part of Millennium Park, downtown Chicago called Cloud Gate…locals call it the “bean” because it is shaped like a bean. Little did I know that it was even cooler to walk inside (underneath) and take pictures…I so missed that part!

Gibson's Steak House and my prime rib!

We had reservations to eat at Gibson’s Steak House, I had looked at the menu ahead of time and decided I wanted prime rib. I did not realize it was 28 oz. and no, I didn’t even come close to finishing the rib. I must admit it was “the best tasting” prime rib I have ever had! It was still delicious for the second and third meal that I had with it…lol  I should have taken pictures of the rest of the meals that Phil, Lindsey and Bob had. Amazing!

Trying to find our way around.

Most of the time this is what we looked like trying to get our directions right. Who knew traveling in a city with such tall buildings would/could be so confusing. I guess I am just a country girl at heart!

One of the many bridges and clocks.

On our cruise tour of Chicago we would pass under many bridges, like this one. The bridge takes all of 30 seconds to open for taller ships traveling on the river. The building with the clock was just one of many in the downtown area, everywhere you looked there where clocks. The tall building behind is the Trump Tower Chicago…our little six story hotel was behind it.

So much fun, so many fond memories…and I am sure so much we missed! We will definitely have to go back again. Now I need to go back to work on the walking!

Okay, I give!!

I’m back!!  I give! Yes, it has been too long since I have written…so much has happened.

I will begin by saying I am retired. I never thought I would ever, ever, ever…”not teach” !

Now after 40 years I am finished. I keep getting asked the question, “How does it feel to be retired?” I honestly don’t know, it just seems normal…a summer that I haven’t taken any classes in technology, that’s all.

I have been reading posts on Facebook about working in  “classrooms” and meetings next week for two days…really?? I’m not going back? In some ways it feels very strange…but in other ways I feel a great weight lifted from my shoulders and I am not working in a really hot, second story, non air conditioned classroom. Seriously I really am done teaching??

Last night I didn’t sleep well, this morning I didn’t feel that well…so today I did nothing, that was a surprise! The real shocker came this afternoon when I laid down and took a nap! I never take naps! Tonight I feel better. Wow, if this is what retirement is maybe I could get use to it.  Tomorrow I am going shopping with my mother and my sister, then lunch out with them…another day of retirement. Wow, this is great…but ask me again September 7th the first day of school!

Next post..visiting Chicago!


Could the date of my last post be true? Of course it is…you see I have been working in my room at school, cleaning. Yes, you heard it right, cleaning. I have decided to retire and now I am cleaning 40 years of “things”.

So far I have completely cleaned out one whole filling cabinet, (I willed the cabinet to a younger colleague) and all ten shelves that held years of cherished art work and writings from former students, also many useful and not so useful things.

Books, books and more books...something had to give!

I have  recycled 7 bags of books that were so old they were turning yellow plus the really good ones that have been read so much, they were falling apart. 🙂

The gray cabinet is gone! The green one only has one drawer with papers in it!

I have thrown out 5 garbage bags of “junk”!
I have filled so many boxes with recycled papers I lost count!
I will soon post a real sob story…no really, a true sob story…about me sobbing. I know you can’t wait..but it will have to wait, just hopefully not as long as it took for this post.



by Gloria J. Robbins

If I could see into the future
I would tell you how successful I know you will be;
You have shown great potential.

If only I had recorded all my previous classes
I would show you how your parents acted and looked “back then”;
You would laugh.

If I had a better memory
I would share all the wonderful stories I have heard;
You have always loved great stories.
You would love hearing them.

If I could win the “big” lotto
I would build you a new school;
You have earned it.

If I could leave you anything
It would be the ability to have more compassion:
– for your country and community
– for your school
– for your family

– for your peers
– and yes, more compassion for yourself.

If I could pass on to you anything,
It would be integrity.
To do things, not because you have to, but to do anything…
Because it is the “right” thing to do.

If I could
I would stay…forever.

I have loved this school.
I have loved all my students – past and present.
I have loved being your teacher, Mrs. Robbins.


I wish I knew…where does the time go…wasn’t it just yesterday that I wrote my last post? I looked at the date and it was November 24th that is almost two months ago! Seriously! Christmas and my kids have come and gone. We have painted and put in new carpeting as our Christmas presents to each other…

I have made one of the biggest decisions of my life (stayed tuned) and I am two days away from turning 61…Wow.

Family Christmas 2009

I suppose I could have written about all of those topics, but I was so busy I didn’t have time… 🙂
As to the health and well-being of the aged and ailing parents, they are all still keeping us busy. Many visits and many appointments to keep.

I went away for a few minutes, just now…came back and  realized where my time has gone….Facebook! I have abandoned my blog and am constantly checking to see what everyone is doing…on Facebook.  Now you wouldn’t think that would be time-consuming but the more friends you have the more time it takes, to read and respond…even if it is just a few words. Hmmmmmmmmm maybe I will have to reconsider this Facebook thing or you should just expect fewer posts…lol….Seriously!


I keep looking at my blog thinking I need to write something…but I can’t think of a thing! I must have a brain drain!!
I can’t complain about my class…they are one of the best group of students I have every taught…love them.
I have always said when a class like this comes along I should retire…hmmmm I am thinking about retiring.
I can’t complain about life, it has been good. I am just waiting for the other shoe to fall.
I certainly can’t complain about my husband, he has been working overtime to paint kitchen, living room and now south guest room. He will then rip up old carpeting and wait for the new carpet to be installed. 🙂
I would complain about the school financing but even the mention of it makes me very depressed…cut here, cut there…soon there will be nothing left to cut. It never amazes me how well we can teach with little or nothing.

So yup that is the sum of it, I must have a brain drain!

and around

and around

it goes,

then down


drain, brain!